Retired Army Intelligence Officer Edward Hayes is an expert on the political-military situation in Northern Iraq and the Kurdish people, as well as the Taliban and Haqqani Network in Afghanistan. Ed, a career educator and Army Reservist left his position as principal of a suburban Chicago high school after being activated by Presidential Select Recall for Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) in 2003. In the ensuing decade, he has been center mass of the radical Islamic terrorist threat.


BS in History: Chicago State University
MA in Education: Chicago State University

(The Scholarship awarded to work on a doctorate at the University of Illinois was interrupted by OIF before I completed my dissertation)


Senior Intelligence Analyst: Supervised ‘Kurdistan’ Team for General R. Odierno, the former Army Chief of Staff, when he was the Commanding General in Iraq. Expert in the political, economic, and military affairs of the Iraqi Kurds the Sunni Uprising. Recognized by Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, for analytical contributions in the early stages of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Senior Intelligence Special Advisor: Provided forensic evidence to the Military Tribunal operating in the largest terrorist detainment facility in Afghanistan that housed nearly 1,000 Taliban and Haqqani insurgents. Collaborated with the interrogator famous for determining the hiding place of fallen dictator, Saddam Hussein. The only reason I cannot discuss Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl’s file is because it was classified when it crossed my desk in 2012, therefore I have to presume it is still classified.

Commander Uganda Fusion Cell: Directed counter-intelligence operations against Joseph Kony’s Lords Resistance Army. Was awarded the Defense Meritorious Achievement Medal for accomplishments in this low-intensity conflict that I consider the high point of my career.

Contingency Commander: Ran the Order-of-Battle section of European Command’s satellite operation at the Joint Reserve Support Element at Fort Sheridan. The most boring assignment of my life. However, due to the expertise I gained working with the Organization for Cooperation and Security in Europe Treaty, I became the first Army Reservist to help develop a CIA Intelligence Estimate.

Executive Officer: 12th Special Forces (Airborne) Special Operations Team B (SOT-B) for the 77th Military Intelligence Detachment. Recruited by Special Forces because of the Morse Code and Cryptologic skills acquired while posted to West Berlin.

Principalships: Crete-Monee High School in Crete, Illinois. Jefferson Middle School in Champaign, Illinois. Edna Keith Elementary School in Joliet, Illinois. Won the highly coveted Superintendent’s Award for improving standardized test scores in an underachieving urban school.

History and Political Science Teacher: Chicago Public Schools. Great kids in a dysfunctional school system that, like Afghanistan, I hope never to see again.

Education Articles: I have written 100 articles on educational topics. You can read them here.

Associations and Memberships

OSS Society
Commemorative Air Force
Tuskegee Airmen International (Heritage Member)
American Legion
Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity
Salem Baptist Church
U.S. Army Warrant Officer Association
British-American Museum at Duxford
Honorary Inductee of the Luo Tribe in Northern Uganda
12th Special Forces Group Alumni Association
Chicago State University Alumni Association
Illinois Principals Association
Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development

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