Working in an intelligence assignment involves deep and full immersion into the problem set. Upon arrival in a war zone, ‘The Man,’ aka the Commanding General, gives an Intel Analyst about two weeks to make his presence felt, or to go back to the States and count paper clips in the Pentagon. That isn’t as difficult as that might seem. In both Iraq and Afghanistan, we all worked, at a minimum, 12-hour shifts, seven days a week. What else is there to do inside the Hindu Kush Mountains at Bagram Air Field or surrounded by desert sand at Camp Victory in Baghdad? After I got my sea legs and had basic command of the subject matter, I dived into the history and cultural angles of the people we were fighting. Everything and everybody has a history. To know a thing, you have to know the history of the thing.

Adding historical perspective is how I distinguished myself as an analyst; it is also how I deliver my lectures. Since I do not use an executive teleprompter, mind-numbing power point slides, or any other type of crutch, I do a deep dive into my notes prior to speaking, so you only get one Lecture topic a day, but I will take and answer questions on any and everything except pop culture and international soccer.

I define my work day as any twelve-hour period, and the clock begins with the sound of the first word of my discourse. It is your option to keep me going 12 hours straight or load me up with a dozen one-hour sessions. Remember, I taught high school on the South side of Chicago.

One Day Lecture

  • Within 75 miles of Atlanta, Georgia             $3000
  • Outside the 75-mile perimeter of Atlanta    $3000 plus travel & lodging

Two Day Lecture Series

  • Within 75 miles of Atlanta                            $5000
  • Outside the 75-mile perimeter                     $5000  plus travel & lodging

Three Day Lecture Series

  • Within 75 miles of Atlanta                            $7000
  • Outside the 75-mile perimeter                     $7000 plus travel & Lodging

Consulting Fees

The fee schedule above applies. For any contract that lasts beyond three days, the fee is negotiable. 

Note:  Client lists are never revealed and all negotiations are confidential.

Counter Terrorism Lectures & Consulting, LLC

Edward Hayes
5665 Atlanta Highway
Suite 103-402
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Ph: 224.600.6120

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