Immediately after earning a Bachelors Degree in History, Ed enlisted in the Air Force and trained as a Russia Intel Analyst. He performed military intelligence tasks in Berlin during the ‘Cold War.’ Later, while employed as a full-time educator in Illinois, his secondary career as a Reserve Army Officer spanned the globe and posted him on multiple continents, to include: Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and Central Asia. Ed retired recently after 29 years of service, during which he worked in close collaboration with the CIA, NSA, DIA, FBI, and MI6, which naturally put him in uncomfortable proximity to the Stasi, KGB/FSB, and ISI.

Consequently, not only does Chief Warrant Officer Hayes have a broad strategic pedigree, he was recruited by Special Forces Command which trained him in tactical operations, unconventional warfare, and field intelligence. When his military training and combat experience is combined with his high school teaching and educational administration background, it is highly likely that the Chief could be unique. Chief applies his comprehensive skill set in his interactive Lecture Series that focuses, today, on the Big Three epicenters for stateless terrorism.

Lecture Series Options

This is not a powerpoint marathon, one-man filibuster or a regurgitated lesson plan. I do not use notes or cue cards. I adjust content to fit real time events as I learn about them from open source material, most of it from the foreign press. I combine the current flow of information to the architecture of my Military Intelligence training and war zone assignments. I speak viscerally about what I have experienced in hostile places that I hope I never see again. Over half of the lecture is dedicated to an extensive Question & Answer session. My goal is for you to leave the room smarter about terrorism than you were when you entered. In the process, I can safely say that you will hear something from me that you will not hear from anyone else.

  • Lecture One The Middle East: Clarifies the ongoing destruction of Iraq and Syria precipitated by ISIS, the Islamic State. During this presentation I challenge the myth of the General Petraeus’ 2006-2007 ‘Surge‘ in prelude to providing an accurate foundation for the current success of what used to be called Al-Qaeda in Iraq. I then define the non-existent country of Kurdistan, explain who the Kurds are and why we need desperately for them to be a nation.

  • Lecture Two Afghanistan: I describe the true nature and history of this ethnic conflict between warlords that the United States is, next year, leaving behind in Afghanistan exactly as we found it in 2001. I also strategize how this cauldron of incestuous terrorism can be ‘managed’ to contain an Islamic threat that no one has the will to eliminate.

  • Lecture Three Northern Uganda, South Sudan, and the Eastern Congo: I describe my pursuit of the Lord’s Resistance Army that led to the capture of the mystical Joseph Kony’s second highest ranking General, Sam Otto Kolo, and the emancipation of dozens of the kidnapped Oboke Girls. I will also correlate this experience to the Nigerian terrorist group, Boko Haram, by comparing their 2014 kidnapping of 300 girls to the 1996 LRA raid on the St. Mary’s College Boarding School in Oboke, Uganda.

Note: If your interests are something other than these three adventures, we can discuss whether I can deliver your requirements. In three decades of uniformed service to this nation, I have been tasked to a wide variety of missions.

Curriculum and Instruction

Along the way I picked up a Master’s Degree in Educational Administration with an endorsement for K-12 School Superintendency. I am available to work with your staff in the design of scope and sequence to integrate this material into your curriculum. I am intimately familiar with the best choices of reading material, to include Mission Blacklist #1 by my wartime buddy and counter-terrorism colleague, Eric Maddox. A film is currently being made about his role in capturing Saddam Hussein.


If you, your corporation, or institution would like to get a flavor for these regions to assist you in planning a business-for-profit venture, or a non-governmental organization’s contribution to these tribally-intense and clan-oriented societies, I can assist you. My particular style of intelligence analysis encompassed as deep an understanding of the history and culture of indigenous peoples as time and mission permitted.

Caveat: My security clearance permitted me access to Top Secret information, sources, and methods. Nothing in my presentations, lectures, or descriptions will violate the Defense Secrets Act to which I am still obligated.

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