What is in the mind of a terrorist?

How are they capable of such horrors?

Can they be stopped?

      • I was there in Afghanistan when Seal Team VI took out Osama Bin Laden
      • I worked with the interrogator that got Saddam Hussein’s driver to break silence
      • I engineered the capture of the Lord’s Resistance Army’s highest ranking General
      • I have stood eye-to-eye with the Taliban, al-Qaeda, and African Child Soldiers
      • I reported my mission activity directly back to 4-Star Generals and US Ambassadors
      • I can give your school, firm or organization your own personal expert on terrorism

Whether I was in the African bush, on Iraqi sand, or in Afghanistan’s Hindu Kush Mountains, my 29 years in Military Intelligence, on the ground, in War Zones, gives you a realistic perspective of what we in the West are facing from violent extremists.

How did we lose Iraq after an entire decade of lost treasure, blood, and limbs?

      • The war was won in less than two months, and then painfully lost in the next two years.
      • Coalition forces ignored advice to engage tribal sheikhs, I know; I gave it to them.

We are pulling out of Afghanistan, what did we accomplish?

      • If you haven’t heard of the Taliban’s Shadow Government, you need to talk to me.
      • There is $30 billion of heavy American equipment sitting idle in Afghanistan. What happens if we leave it there?

Boko Haram kidnapped 300 schoolgirls. Is Nigerian terrorism at all related to jihad in Iraq?

      • We officially sent forces into Uganda to combat the Lord’s Resistance Army in 2012; why was I there in 2004?
      • Boko Haram is based in Nigeria. The Capital of the 1804-1903 Sokoto Caliphate was Nigeria.

Retired Army Intelligence Officer, Ed Hayes, will deliver an unclassified, solo presentation geared to your concerns and interest in the Middle-East, Central Asia, or East Africa. He can also help you design your own workshop or curriculum on global jihad.

Perhaps you are simply looking for someone to break down the conflict between Sunni and Shia Muslims and to tell you how it affects our Homeland. Or, maybe your crack history and political science instructional staff is not yet up to speed on the Islamic Caliphate that is sitting in the middle of where Iraq used to be. Even if you have decided to open up a satellite office in Baghdad, Kabul, or Kampala, you could probably use an unvarnished opinion about the cultural landscape.

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